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This blog has evolved as you can tell by comparing the title with most of my recent posts. The title should really be something like "The Physical Interface Side of Computing". Actually, more recently it would be "3D Printing and all of its Trials and Tribulations". Anyway, it will still feature Raspberry Pi and Arduino from time to time but my current hardware of choice are a Wanhao Duplicator 4S and an Ultimaker 2. Just before that it was a BeagleBone Black with JavaScript and Node.js providing the development environment!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

RPi as a Remote Control for a Canon DSLR - Part 3

I am at an impasse with trying the get the DSLR to capture the motion being detected by the RPi.   Namely because there is a two second delay between the time the motion is detected by my Python script and when it actually occurred!   I have installed 'motion' on the RPi and it also suffers from the same delay.   Hmmm.  What to do?

I guess I will see what the delay is when using PiggyPhoto to grab preview images.  If that looks to be working then I will go back to pondering stability of the DSLR interface across libgphoto2.

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